Minelab Go-Find Metal Detector Reviews

Minelab Go-Find Metal Detector Reviews

The Go-Find metal detector from Minelab is one of the most popular and affordable detectors. It’s a great beginner’s machine with enough features to keep experienced users happy. The reviews for this machine are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising its ease of use, versatility, and value for money. In this article, we’ll discuss some better models of Minelab and do Minelab Go-Find Metal Detector Reviews for you.

The Minelab Go-Find metal detector is one of the most popular models. It’s a great choice for beginners and experienced users alike. This blog post examines some of this machine’s best features and drawbacks. 

Let’s start with the positives. The Go-Find is very lightweight and easy to use. Even if you’ve never used a metal detector before, you should be able to get the hang of it quickly. 

It’s also affordable, which is always a bonus. Another great feature is that it’s waterproof. This means you can use it in various weather conditions, including rain and snow. 

This is perfect if you’re planning on detecting in remote locations where there might not be any shelter from the elements. On the downside, some users have reported that the machine isn’t very sensitive. This means that it might miss smaller pieces of metal or gold nuggets. 

However, this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker – it just depends on what you’re looking for and how deep you want to search. The Minelab Go-Find is a great metal detector for beginner and experienced users. It’s easy to use, affordable, and waterproof – what more could you ask for?

Is the Minelab Go Find 11 Any Good?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the Minelab go find 11, with many people wondering if it is any good. While there are some mixed reviews, the go find 11 is a decent metal detector. It has many features that make it appealing to users, including its lightweight, easy-to-use interface and affordable price tag. 

However, the device has some drawbacks, such as its lack of advanced features and limited detection range. Overall, the Minelab go find 11 is a decent metal detector for those looking for an entry-level device.

How Good are Minelab Metal Detectors?

Minelab is a world leader in providing metal-detecting technologies for consumer, industrial, and military applications. Through their commitment to research and development, Minelab has introduced several groundbreaking products that have revolutionized the metal detecting industry.

Today, Minelab’s range of metal detectors offers superior performance and value for money, making them the perfect choice for amateur and professional users. 

So, how good are Minelab metal detectors? In a word: excellent! Whether you’re looking for a detector to use on your next beach holiday or one that can help you find lost treasures buried deep underground, Minelab has a model that will suit your needs perfectly. 

And with prices starting at just under $200, there’s no excuse to start your treasure-hunting adventure today!

What is the Difference between Go Find 44 And Go Find 66?

A few differences exist between “go find 44” and “go find 66.” First, “Go find 44” is an imperative sentence, while “Go find 66” is a declarative sentence. This means that “go find 44” tells someone to do something, while “go find 66” states something. 

The second difference has to do with the number itself. In the sentence “Go find 44,” the number 44 could represent anything – an address, a page in a book, etc. However, in the sentence “go find 66,” 66 specifically refers to the Bible verse Jeremiah 6:6.

What is the Best Minelab Metal Detector?

This question has no definitive answer, as different people will have different opinions. However, many people believe the Minelab CTX 3030 is the best metal detector on the market. It is a high-end machine packed with features and excellent performance. 

Other popular choices include the Minelab Equinox 800 and the Minelab GPX5000.

Minelab Go-Find 66 Review

Regarding metal detectors, there are many options on the market. But if you’re looking for a versatile and affordable option, the Minelab Go-Find 66 might be the perfect choice. This metal detector is designed for both beginners and experienced users, and it’s packed with features that make it easy to find coins, jewelry, and other metal objects. 

The Go-Find 66 also has an adjustable discrimination setting so you can filter out unwanted items, and it includes a built-in pinpointer so you can zero in on your target. So whether you’re a seasoned treasure hunter or just getting started, the Minelab Go-Find 66 is worth checking out.

Minelab Go-Find 66 Vs. Garrett Ace 250

Regarding metal detectors, there are many options on the market. But if you’re looking for a good entry-level detector, you might wonder if the Minelab Go-Find 66 or Garrett Ace 250 is the right choice. Both detectors have pros and cons, so it’s important to compare them side by side to see which one best fits your needs. 

Here’s a look at how the Minelab Go-Find 66 and Garrett Ace 250 stack up against each other: Minelab Go-Find 66: Pros: Lightweight and easy to use, great for beginners. 

Comes with a built-in pinpointer function. Displays target ID on screen so you know what you’re digging for before you start digging. Cons: Not as durable as other models, can have false positives in heavily mineralized soil. 

Garrett Ace 250:

Pros: More durable than the Go-Find 66, has adjustable sensitivity so you can customize your detecting experience. Includes features like an electronic pinpointing function and depth indicator that more experienced users will appreciate.

Cons: A bit heavier than the Go-Find 66, not as intuitive to use – takes some practice to get used to all the features and buttons. 

Which detector is right for you? The lightweight and user-friendly Minelab Go-Find 66 might be a good option if you’re starting. However, if you’re looking for more features that can stand up to more rugged use, the Garrett Ace 250 would be a better choice.

Minelab Go-Find 66 Depth Test

If you’re in the market for a new metal detector, the Minelab Go-Find 66 is a great option. But how deep does this machine go? We put it to the test to find out. 

The Go-Find 66 can detect metal objects up to 8 inches deep. However, its ability to do so is only sometimes consistent. In our tests, we found that the machine was more accurate at detecting shallower objects than it was at deeper ones. 

Still, 8 inches is a decent depth for a budget-priced machine like this. If you’re looking for something that can go even deeper, you’ll need to spend more money on a higher-end model.


The Minelab Go-Find metal detector is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use device. Its simple design makes it easy to set up and use, and its lightweight construction makes it perfect for carrying around. The Minelab Go-Find also comes with a few handy features, such as a depth indicator and an LED light, that make it even more user-friendly. 

Overall, the Minelab Go-Find is a great option for beginners or those on a budget.

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